Thursday, January 21, 2010

My pregnancy journey..

In my previous post I talked about how painless my 'period' was.. Surprisingly -- I didn't know that that was going to be my last period for quite a while... because right after that, my UPT tested positive and I'm now pregnant... during my first month of pregnancy -- I continued to consume HL tapi tak la turun banyak sangat sebab bulan puasa.. Tapi alhamdullillah, energy level masih maintain..

Yang paling lega sekali -- walaupun dah nak masuk 5 bulan setengah dah kandungan ni, my weight masih tak naik cara mendadak.. Masa bulan puasa I was at 79kg and now I dalam lingkungan 81-82 kg.. I rasa I lose weight masa mengandung ni. My office colleague pun ramai yang tegur that muka I kecut...Hopefully everything is okay -- walaupun I loose weight, janji baby healthy... Aminnnn...

Monday, August 17, 2009

No pain...Aik???

Today is my second day of 'period'. The first round since I took Herbalife.. Alhamdullillah syukur... somehow, I don't have my usual sengugut etc.. Kalau tidak tu, kalau tak MC memang tak sah..

I use to berguling-guling, amik entah berapa jenis pain killers, muntah-muntah, letak macam2 minyak angin, kalau boleh demah dengan seterika panas, that's what I'll do ---whenever the time of the month comes..

Tapi alhamdullillah, this time round - I'm not exactly sure why -- takde sikit pun rasa sakit on this second day.. Yesterday ada la sikit rasa sakit, tapi masih boleh masak lunch.. During tengahari je, sakit sikit.. Lepas cik abang urut2 sikit, alhamdullillah lega..

Anyway, I want to thank Allah for making this pain go away.. I hope permanently and I'm sure enjoying the free time away from the cramps!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Funny incident -- not sure whether due to Herbalife or...???

During the weekend -- my friends and I went for two movies outing -- while waiting for the second movie we went window shopping and Zaili managed to buy a wedding present for a colleague's sister.. while she was queueing up at the cashier, me and Leen were busy chatting away.. Then, suddenly I saw this cashier making the hand gesture like trying to attract our attention -- Rupa-rupanya, her counter is free and she wants us to go there and save time.. While walking there -- Leen said "Padan la kita tak dengar, she was calling us ADIK..." hehehe.. I said -- "That is very true.., lama sungguh rasanya tak dengar orang panggil kita adik..mmmmm"..

Is this possible ??? *Sengih* memanjang...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Second week on Herbalife

This is my second week on the Herbalife -- sikit lagi nak capai my short term weight target which us 80kg or below 80kg to be exact.. Currently at the 81-82kg stage... Nak kena increase exercise macam ni..

For the time being, I'm taking the HL twice a day everyday..

Breakfast -- Shake
Lunch -- normal meal (ofismateku kuat meracun, susah nk skip lunch)
Dinner -- Shake again

According to my sifu, cara pengambilan that I'm on right now somehow will make us loose more weight cepat sikit..At the same time, it will repair all the damaged tissues and will eventually increase my metabolism rate..

Determination, determination....

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hari ke-5 on Herbalife

For the past two days my weight dok lekat kat the same takuk -- 83.4kg.. According to Aziera -- memang for a while it will be like that.. sekejap, dia turun then dia stagnant.. lepas tu baru turun balik..

On the flip side, ada la jugak rasa perbezaan dalam pakaian2 ku -- jeans and blouse dah tak la sekembung selalu.. I am so glad.. please la, semoga ini lah jalannya untuk ku menurunkan berat badan... insyallah..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sakitnya kaki....

After my fall mid last year -- my right foot faces a lot difficulties.. Because of the chipped bone on my ankle, it's really painful for me to stand very long or got stuck in the very heavy traffic jam while I'm driving.. I hurt my right foot, therefore no difference if I drive a manual or automatic car.. Both will still be painful..

Selain dari tu, because of the pain -- I can't resume my walk (morning or evening), hence I've gained more than 7kg since I stopped walking.. And all these while, I had to solat sambil duduk -- sebab it's oohh.. so painful tu kepakkan the foot bila nak duduk antara dua sujud..I've finally stopped in the last month or so -- walau pun rasa sakit, paksa jugak kaki tu to work -- kalau tidak sampai bila pun dok jadi macam orang tua -- solat duduk atas kerusi..

Bila weight dah makin bertambah, lagi la sakit my kaki..I've also stopped using shoes with heels sebab kaki dah la kecik, sakit plak tu... tak tertanggung.. But since a couple of weeks ago, I've started using wedge heels shoes.. It's okay as long I don't stand on it very long... I really need to loose more weight quickly so that I'll be free of this pain and start my exercise back..

As of last night my weight is 83.5kg -- roughly I've lost about 1.5kg in 2 days.. Today is my third day -- we shall see what's next..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Snoring -- horror!!

One of the reasons I wanted to loose my weight because I started to snore very loudly now.. I know, I know -- this is membukak pekung didada -- but I have to tell this story so that I can read this again and be reminded about this horror that I have to face.

Of course when I was asleep, I didn't know how loud I was being.. but I started realising that my husband starts to sleep late.. Usually he just said, he has a lot of work.. but when I keep pestering him, he finally confessed that he couldn't go to sleep because I was too loud.. He sometimes will wake me up so that I stopped making the noise for a while so that he can then go to sleep.. I remembered those incidents of course.. I feel so bad for him.. I even asked him to go sleep in the other room, so that he's not deprived of his sleep.. But him being the beloved husband that he is, refused to do that.. He said, kalau macam tu, baik tak payah kawin.. which is true..

On another occasion, this was before my sister's wedding -- I went back to Penang alone to help with the preparation. This was a couple of months before the wedding.. I was sleeping in the 'pengantin' room which is my room whenever we are in Penang. The room is next to my parents master bedroom.. Tomorrow morning mama told me that in the middle of the night -- she woke up and heard a very loud sound from the back of the house.. At first she thought it was the sound of the dogs whining.. After investigating further, she finally found out that the sound was coming from the next room, where I was sleeping... She said, "Anom, kuat betul bunyi dengkur.. terkejut mama".. That was really embarassing.. I never used to snore before.. but now -- I'm keeping people awake with the sound.. Oh my god!!! I have to do something..

Today is my second day I'm on Herbalife.. I took the chocolate flavour formula.. To tell you the truth -- it wasn't pleasant.. After taking it for the third time, this morning -- I was ready to puke.. muak betul bau dan rasanya...Tapi -- I remembered A. Nie pernah told me that if you mixed the powder drink with fruits, it will lessen the muak smell and taste.. Hence last nite for dinner, I mixed buah pear in a blender together with the powdered formula.. It works, it tastes and smell better -- not totally good but much better with this mixture.. This morning plak, I mix with green apple.. I know you would think -- emmm... pelik betul chocolate mix with green apple kan.. it tastes masam a bit, tapi tak la muak sangat..

I also exercised a bit this morning - was on the static bicycle for about 20 minutes.. Would have spent more time on it, tapi tak sempat sebab nak siap pegi kerja...

Last nite, I dah weigh myself -- the weight is about 84.4kg.. so kiranya lost about 600gmla.. ok la tu for a one day process... Hopefully I will stay strong and persevere..

This is my recent pictures during Yone's wedding.. Front, side and back view...